Roomscapes Luxury Design Center & Kitchen Concepts

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely trade event at Roomscapes Luxury Design Center here on the South Shore. Their new showroom is large and gleaming with kitchen and bathroom displays, plus lots of samples of cabinetry, fixtures and more! Let’s take a tour:

The standout for me in this bathroom is the very feminine shape of the sink. The gorgeous marble top and faucet are classics, but I really loved the unexpected filigree pattern on the side of the piece. I don’t particularly love the open front – it feels a little like a waste of space but it is still an interesting looking piece. The backsplash tile in different shades of marble is one of my favorite patterns.
Onto another bathroom space, this one features a pair of vessel sinks with wall mounted faucets.

How gorgeous is that bathtub!

Moving onto some other spaces, this little library room features a leather wall – which is just fabulous!

The kitchen display below features all sorts of products and finishes. Note the prep island that has moveable segments and a swing arm faucet.

Here is a side section of the glass counter top above. Pretty cool!
I will say that while this recycled glass countertop is beautiful, I’m not sure I’d want it in the kitchen – too easy to lose things! It would be gorgeous in a bathroom or bar top, however!On the other end of the style scale is this classically inspired inlaid wood kitchen display.

This laundry room is larger than my kitchen! Take note of the river stone counter top.
But don’t you love the hidden washer and dryer? This hideaway style is a great idea for city kitchens which often have the washer/dryer in the kitchen.
And this gift wrapping/craft area might make Martha herself jealous! I would say that the counter top needs to be higher for stand up use, but it would be fine if seated.

The color is off, but this dressing room would be the dream of someone’s home!
Roomscapes and Kitchen Concepts is not only a showroom of finished displays, but they also have an extensive series of design rooms with samples in all shapes and sizes.

Below is a veritable rainbow of cabinetry…
I particularly love this cabinet. The sweet ribbon molding is darling (okay, I don’t love the crackle finish).
In this room, it’s all about faucets and sinks.

And in one of their conference rooms, they have a velcro wall with moldings of all shapes and sizes. Mix ‘n match to your hearts content to plan our your perfect molding design. Doing this vertically as opposed to laying out on a table makes all the sense in the world. Afterall, you will be mounting in on a wall – so you should look at it the same way.

This was a lovely gathering of design professionals in a beautiful showroom. A big thanks to Judy Whalen of Roomscapes (below, right) for the invitation! Also pictured below are Barbara Jacobs (left), a noted color professional and rug designer, and Doreen Lemay Madden (center), a lighting designer and owner of Lux Lighting Design in Belmont.

I have more pics to come of a gorgeous kitchen space that I thought I’d save for next week.

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xoxo Linda

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  1. Gorgeous! I love that first bathroom, although you are right about the open front looking weird. The exposed pipes don't look right. But those colors are my favorites.

  2. Hello, really wanted to leave a comment for you because your blog is so beautiful. Time flies when you're having fun and I've really enjoyed reading your interesting posts. Your pictures are brilliant too. Thank you for sharing them and have a great weekend – best wishes….

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