Look! There is fortune all around you

The last eight years have been wrought with a lot of trauma – from 9/11/01 to Katrina to the loss of a friend, a father,  the economy – we’ve all experienced a lot of personal and collective trauma. And, it’s enough to make even the most positive person a cynical mess.

The title of this post “Look! Fortune is all around you” came in a fortune cookie that I ate this week.  This post isn’t about politics, it’s about gratitude and it’s about choosing to be grateful. About recognizing our fortune wherever it comes from and about saying it out loud.

Now, you may be wondering what all this gratitude talk has to do with these pretty pictures of a pretty room.  This is a living room that I decorated nearly two years ago for some lovely clients in Boston. The room was about ninety-five percent completed, but had never really been accessorized – no photos, tchotchkes or art. The clients had other priorities – pesky things like roof work and leaky windows. I’d never taken more than snap shots, which was sad because I loved the room and was so proud of it!

Well, I was lucky enough to be able to book a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Michael J. Lee (I posted about him here and here) in order to use the photos for something that I can’t post about now, but will later on in the Fall.

I had about two weeks to get the clients, photographer, accessories and accent pieces all on board in order to make a deadline this week. And everyone was more than supportive and helpful. It was an amazing display of kindness to me.

So, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to some wonderful people.   The clients didn’t yet have a cocktail table and I was able to borrow this spectacular 1940’s French gilded bronze glass top table from my friends Diana and Scott Cooper of Trianon Antiques. At 26-1/4″ square x 19″ h,  it’s a small piece, but the room is not large and it was perfect.


I’d like to thank Al Lageux of Beacon Hill Showrooms  for loaning me one of these urns, which was placed in front of the fire place. I told him I was accessorizing a room for a photo shoot and he immediately said – borrow whatever you need.

And I’d like to thank Josh Steinwand at Studio 534 for the loan of this fantastic pair of hand painted Japanese Leaf panels. Josh didn’t know me, but he knew Michael Lee and that was enough. Whatever you need – he said.

How nice were all these folks? No pressure to sell, no deposits and no disappointment shown when I returned all these pieces unsold. Just a “thanks for returning them”. I was so touched!

Of course, I can’t neglect to thank my wonderful clients Bill and Kim who let me swoop in on their lives nearly two years after the room was last worked on. They made some quick changes, painted a wall, added the missing glass inserts in the windows and provided a budget for accessories. Talk about a dream.

And finally, a big thanks to photographer Michael J. Lee for shooting the room. I’ll be doing a big post in the next week or so on his work, his process for photographing a space and how we ended up with these fantastic photos.

So, today, I am putting my gratitude out there – it was only due to the kindness of all these folks that in two short weeks I had the most beautiful photographs of this project. Lucky, lucky me. 

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xoxo Linda

12 thoughts on “Look! There is fortune all around you”

  1. Very beautiful room, and a very great post! Looking forward to your future post about it and I'm very happy for you that all went well! Gratefulness is beautiful!

  2. Hi Linda. I swear left a comment here last night but had a feeling this morning it didn't stick…
    Beautiful, elegant room. LOVE the cocktail table. What I love most about his post though is your attitude. As my husband says——like he's a broken record, but it's true so we give him a pass——"attitude is everything".
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Dear Linda~

    Kind & gracious people usually have kind and gracious friends (and "friends of friends", etc.).

    How lovely that you are so FORTUNATE to have them all come thru for you when you needed them~~ and your "Thank you" note here is as LOVELY and CHARMING as the space itself…

    You're a mighty "rich" woman, my friend!

    Linda in AZ

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