Linda’s Kitchen: A little progress, a lot of thinking

I gave my volunteer staff the weekend off so there was not a huge amount of work accomplished on the kitchen makeover.  I did install all the bead board where I could (still need to do behind appliances and am going to be installing as back splash).

You can click here to view the updated floor plan. You will see that I’ve added the recessed lighting and intend to install a narrow counter along the long empty wall entering the kitchen. I have a terrible lack of storage for both kitchen items and the general detritus of house hold stuff like stamps and tape and string. So, the plan is to install a long counter at counter height that will have front legs and be bolted to the wall in the back. I’m going to add wire shelving with baskets, etc. underneath and add a skirt all around. This also solves the issue of the baseboard heater taking up space and not allowing me to push anything against the wall! When the space is only 4’6″ wide, those 3″ inches really are important!

And here is a section of my project planner page which show the paint colors I’m considering for the ceiling, a mock-up of the cabinets (which I do intend to paint black) and the window treatment I’m going to make.

Oh, and the other news from the weekend is that my dishwasher has apparently bitten the dust. It ran for over five hours (I was elsewhere in the house and didn’t hear it) and the dishes were not washed… yikes. So, it’s a darn good thing that I don’t mind hand washing dishes. It’s also a darn good thing that all new appliances are on the horizon!

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xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Linda’s Kitchen: A little progress, a lot of thinking”

  1. can't wait to see it finished!!! love the inspiration pics!!

    — i almost wish my dishwasher would break so i could get a new one guilt-free!! 😉

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