Don’t ya love when you find something great – in your own cupboard!

One of the benefits of a kitchen makeover (aside from how it will look when it’s all finished!) is that it forces you to totally clean out the cabinets. I actually found a can of refried beans that had a sell-by date of 1999. Gross, I know. The really weird thing is that I moved to my condo that year and had moved the beans with me!! Expired beans and I paid to move them. On the other end of the spectrum, however, is that I also found this fabulous tea pot that I’d totally forgotten about. How beautiful is this! My recollection is that I inherited it from my great Aunt when we cleaned out her house after she passed away many years ago – something like 20 years ago.  My Auntie Marion had lived in her home, a two-family in Arlington, MA since the 1920’s when my Great Grandparnts bought it. The downstairs apartment was my mother’s first home (my Great Aunt was my Grandfather’s sister) and my Auntie lived upstairs until her death at the age of 87. I’ve inherited several beautiful items from the house that all date to the 1920’s and earlier. Apparently, this little tea pot is no exception!

The mark on the bottom shows that this is from the Hall’s Tea Pot company and was made in the USA.

This ad dates to 1921.
And this ad is late 1920’s actually looks like my tea pot!

I can attest that I had a pot of tea this morning and it did indeed stay very hot, it does look good, and if the maid is careless, I am certain it will stand up to my her clumsiness!

A 1920’s Trade Ad. This pot is the “French” shape and has the same floral pattern as mine.

Teapot shape names:
Top: French, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston
Middle: French, Aladdin, Hook Cover, Los Angeles, New York, Windshield
Bottom: Hook Cover, Hollywood, Boston, Windshield, Aladdin, Parade

This is an ad from the 1950’s. There’s my little pot in the upper left!

A vintage promotional shot of the Hall gold decorated tea pots. Mine is upper right. 

Hall China is still in production in Ohio. A very big thanks to the Ohio Pottery Company for all the great information and images above.

Have a cuppa with me?

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xoxo Linda

8 thoughts on “Don’t ya love when you find something great – in your own cupboard!”

  1. Linda,
    That is very intresting to find the company that made your tea pot and that the Hall China is still in production!
    If youhave children, than you can give one of them the teapot later together with all the information you have received!!
    Wonderful! The tea pot can stay in your family!


  2. I love this post Linda!

    I have the "Hall" Hollywood teapot on the bottom row…
    Great Grandma Carries treasure handed down:)

    Have a great week!


  3. I love when I find things I forgot about! Your teapot is beautiful and I loved learning more about them- thanks!!

    PS- those nailheads you sent me the link to are to.die.for- how did I not know about them?!? Such a cool thing- thank you for that!

  4. Your teapot is beautiful. And don't you love that it has such a pretty history?—as well as one that's so personal to you. My grandfather worked for the Jewel Tea Company here in California when my mother was a child and sold Hall China's Autumn Leaf pattern tableware that she has collected for as long as I can remember.

  5. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, near the Hall 'factory' in Ohio, we used to make visits a few times a year to buy the slightly 'irregular' pieces -my parents slowly collected a set of the beautiful hall 'silhoutte' pieces -really really beautiful. Halls produces much of their pottery for use in restaurants as it's very sturdy but still pretty. I have a hall teapot that was my great grandmothers and I use it a few times a week – the clay they use captures the heat better than other 'fine china' teapots so is great for daily use. haha @ the can of beans but love this treasure you rediscovered!

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