Deck the Houses in Duxbury, MA

It was a beautiful – although very cold – day out yesterday and I did a little drive-by shooting in my town of pretty holiday house decorating. Enjoy!

I’m thinking ice rink?  Seems a tad cold for a dance floor.
Decking the docks as well.
The historic King Caesar House with it’s “lifesaver” wreath

Snow is coming this weekend. Will it be a White Christmas? Happy weekend everyone. I’m filling out the rest of my Christmas cards and decorating my sugar cookies.

Is all your shopping done?

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xoxo Linda

11 thoughts on “Deck the Houses in Duxbury, MA”

  1. OH, and I just saw that your kitchen was about finished. Looks gorgeous with the black cabinets! And that floor really makes it too. I'm assuming you used the beadboard wallpaper on the walls & soffits, that's great. I love what you've done!

  2. The houses look very "New England-ish." I didn't buy one single gift this year. My girls are grown, and we decided last year we weren't "trading money" any more. I sent money for the two little grandkids. Their mother can search through the piles of gifts they get from the nextdoor grandparents, and if there isn't something they don't get, she can go buy it for them with it!

  3. Linda….how nice to put an ice rink in your front yard! The homes are what I think of when I think New England….love it. Your kitchen looks wonderful, you have done such a nice job. Amazing what a little "elbow grease" will do.

    Merry Christmas.


  4. Linda,

    Beautiful images. I love them all. I hope to get to New England one of these days. Boston is all I've been lucky enough to visit. Hope you all are having a great holiday.

    Ragland Hill Social

  5. Hi Linda,
    What a beautiful houses in your neighbourhood! Christmas time is so charming isn't it! I do hope that you will have a White Christmas! Here in Belgium it was a few years ago, but this year we will have a White Christmas! It is snowing for a few days now and it is oh so beautiful!!!

    Dear Linda, I wish you and your family a Merry WHITE Christmas and a Fabulous 2010!!!


  6. Love these beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing a part of your neighborhood with us. They are Christmas card perfect.

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