May your holidays glitter…

(A clandestine photo I took of the ceiling of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, in 2008. Photos are not allowed, so I shot this with my camera sitting on my lap. Shh…)
… and your New Year be filled with high notes!
See you in 2010 and thank you so much for all your kind notes, comments and support. 
It’s appreciated more than I can say!

Please enjoy a performance of “3 Carols for Christmas” that I performed at a recital in my town.
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xoxo Linda

17 thoughts on “May your holidays glitter…”

  1. I look forward to your 2010 postings. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music. I thoroughly enjoyed them with my coffee this morning. Lovley way to start Christams Eve.

    Happy Christmas

  2. Linda, I enjoy visiting this site. Your cookies were beautiful – I wouldn't dare post mine. Thanks for sharing the beautiful, historic homes of New England as well. Happy New Year!


  3. Finally, I came to see what that little thumbnail pic among my sidebar blogs was… and what a surprise! Great shot of the ceiling (reminds me of the ones you took of the undersides of chandeliers in your friends' store) AND beautiful music too! Thanks for all the inspiration you brought with your blog in 2009… saw your kitchen again on Joni's… so pretty!… and looking forward to more here and at SRT in 2010. Happy New Year, Linda!

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