Linda’s Kitchen: Heading into the home stretch

 Well, I did have a crazy notion of getting the whole kitchen finished over the holidays. Didn’t happen, but I’m close. My dear friend Rob spent New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day working with me to get the final big projects finished and we did just that, I’m very happy to report.

Here’s a little reminder of where we started. Note the long wall entering the kitchen and the really odd looking pot rack tacked up on the wall. The pot rack was a homemade thing made from copper plumber’s pipe, chain and S-hooks. It did the job, but it was not particularly attractive.

So, the job for this week was to put up new molding around the door opening and along the wall edges where the wall opens up into the kitchen, re-install the pot rack in a more pleasing manner and add a counter for additional surface space and concealed storage along this long wall.

Okay, so Day 1 was finished with the installation of the moldings and it was time to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a late dinner of pork loin with a mustard glaze, blue cheese and red bliss mashed potatoes, broccoli (I only eat it raw, not a big fan of cooked veggies) and apple sauce.

Day 2 began with a homemade bacon and broccoli quiche (won’t bore you with photos) and “final” decisions on how to build the new counter. This has been a very budget project and I had decided to use an old narrow door that I had in the back of my garage.  You can just make it out behind the white chair and striped beach chair below.

I’d spent the last several months debating what to do about the legs for the counter. While I do intend to put a skirt on it to conceal storage below, I did want decorative legs and was hoping to be able to do an exposed leg with the skirt running behind. However, budget is a concern and really beautiful wooden legs were not a possibility. I did have an old family table in the garage and thought we could use the legs, with something added to make them counter height. I also really liked the reuse, repurpose, recycle concept of this project.

Getting the pieces and parts altogether:


Okay, so this was an experiment. Using Liquid Nails, we glued 2x2x6″ blocks to the tops of the table legs to make them 34.5″ for the 36″ height counter.  We tried nailing them as well, but that wasn’t too successful.  Now, you have to give us props for this excellent use of my wine rack set on two chairs as “holders” for the legs so they could dry upright. Well, most of you are likely well ahead of me – this just was not going to work. The Liquid Nails did not seem like it would really provide enough hold and we finally accepted that this was not the way to go. So, back to Home Depot (trip #3 in less than 24 hours) for 2x2x34.5 cut wood. A little boring and plain, but cheaper than turned legs. And I can cover them up.

So, while I made my final trip of the day to Home Depot, Rob installed the pot rack, the right way. We still used the plumbers copper pipe (re-polished). Instead of bracing it against the wall, Rob hung it off of a ceiling stud. So, there is some swing in it, but I just love it and I finally got to hang up my Revereware copper bottom pans and collection of copper molds and pots. We used heavy duty steel chain and s-hooks, which work well with the stainless appliances.

And above you can see the newly built counter top made from an 18″ wide door and 2×2’s. I’ve painted all the woodwork and the door the same white as the walls, which keeps things very light and bright. To stabilize the tall table, I used heavy duty velcro to attach the back to the wall so it’s now very sturdy.

The door knob hole is going to come in handy as I’m going to be able to run electrical plugs down through it to the outlet below. I plan to put a table lamp here to add some lighting. But this space is going to be great for laundry folding and entertaining. While it does make the kitchen feel smaller, it will provided much needed storage and flat surface space.

So, the final steps are to make the counter skirt and the relaxed roman shade for the window, both out of burlap. And then to accessorize and take final photos.

A big thanks to my Skirted Roundtable partner Joni Webb of Cote de Texas for featuring my kitchen makeover (even though it was not yet complete) in her roundup of the Top Ten Renovations of 2009.  There are some pretty exceptionally talented people out there and I am honored to be included.

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xoxo Linda

17 thoughts on “Linda’s Kitchen: Heading into the home stretch”

  1. Linda, the remodel is looking great. I received some lovely copper cookware for Christmas and have been wondering where and how to hang them up. I don't really want to clutter the kitchen up, so your homemade version using the pipe is just the thing I was looking for.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Linda, it is looking great, and I love the ideas to reuse the door. The legs could be set back somewhat on the door/countertop so that the curtains (front/side) could be positioned in front of them, so the legs being decorative does not matter.

    I think, too, doing the renovation slowly allowed for real creative ideas to develop. It is looking wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous! What a great idea use of a hallway and how cool that you had a door that was the perfect size. I have a weird hallway off my kitchen and hung hooks on the wall so that all my cookware could hang up. So much more accessible that way.

  4. I love what you have done there. I am going to go over to Joni's blog to see your photos of your kitchen reno. I am in the middle of a kitchen reno, it is a l o n g process. Hugs, Cindy S.

  5. I fashioned a pot hanger myself, as well. I chose an old and sawed off broomstick (length can be suited to the placement). Sanded down and tung-oil applied,it looks a bit vintage and serves its purpose well!


  6. awesome idea Linda!!!! love how you're reusing things you already have and also the idea of the skirt going behind the legs… just another layer, more materials & it's those little details that are making it so special & "real."

    love it & can't wait to see it all finished & accessorized!!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for being my first comment ever yesterday!I was honored. I love kitchen renos in all shapes and sizes. Posted on one today too. Yours is looking so good. Lots of great ideas to garner. Your friend is a doll to hang in there through it all…Can't wait to see the final shots. So exciting when you know the end is in sight.

  8. The whole project has been full of brillant ideas for every kitchen! LOVE this posting — so wonderful to see a designer who has a true-to-real-life budget! The door (with its handy hole) is a perfect solution to that space — and I can't WAIT to see its new burlap skirt! And the potholder idea is brillant too! My potholders are two very very old long doorhandles (ebony and old brass) from a bank (long since gone!) and its tall front doors — my DH simply put them into the ceiling of my tiny kitchen to old the my copper collection! Your kitchen project certainly deserved a Top Spot in Joni's Cote de Texas!

    Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  9. Linda,
    Wow…you are quite a resourceful gal….kudos! Great idea and I love what you have done already. Can't wait for the final final!

  10. i just love all the copper! and the pot rack – that looks so fabulous – it "makes" the kitchen. too bad about the legs. I feel like something could have been done at the feet maybe? but I have no idea – I'm just impressed with all you have done youself. it's unreal!!!!! i can't wait to see the curtains and shades, it will be perfect!!! you did such a great job. love it and you!!!!

  11. Thanks for checking out my similar kitchen. I am so stuck on accessorizing it. I think its so exciting that yours is going to be photographed. I am loving the copper. I can't wait to see your big reveal.

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