Linda’s Kitchen: Photoshoot sneak peak

Yesterday was an exciting day here in my kitchen in that I did the final photo shoot with Michael J Lee. It’s going to take a few days before I get all the final photos back, but wanted to share a sneak peak of the photo shoot, a little of the set up and one of the final images.

I took the photo above on Sunday evening as I was cleaning and prepping the room. Michael had done a site visit a week ago so he could view the space and give me his assessment of the shots to be taken and so we could brainstorm about the styling. I had ideas, Michael had better ones. He’s not only a fantastic photographer, but with his design background, he has a keen sense of style and we had a lot of fun pulling it together. I’m a big believer in keeping things real in a photo shoot; the room should look largely as it always does or hopes to, just spit shined. And, the photos need to tell a story about the owner or about the project being documented. Since this was my design in my own kitchen done with my own hands (and those of my friend Rob!), I wanted to be sure that the photos ultimately read “Linda”. Maybe it’s “Dream Linda”, but Linda, all the same.

Here is Michael working at my dining room table, camera set up to shoot from dining room into the kitchen. My kitchen is north facing with only one small window, but the south facing dining room is flooded with natural sunlight in the morning, which is nice.

Previously, I had an old dry sink that I used as a bar when entertaining. Below is a “before” shot of my kitchen. You can see how narrow the passageway is into the kitchen proper. On the left is the laundry behind the louvered doors.

Here is a little reminder of the new skirted counter that I have installed (my photo). The purpose of the counter was to add storage and surface space to my small kitchen. This piece has wire shelving below to keep things out of site and has literally doubled my available counter top space. As you can see, a significant improvement in terms of looks and functionality over the before.

And below is a shot I took yesterday of the lighting and camera setup to get a straight-on shot of the new counter top.  As you can see, the camera is practically inside my laundry closet. I was willing to move all the stuff on top of the washer so Michael could sit in there, but he didn’t take me up on that offer.

And now, your official sneak peak of one of the final images taken by Michael Lee.

Doesn’t he take a beautiful photograph – even in a very tight space? I am so looking forward to using this new counter as a bar and serving area for when I entertain. And this is what I mean about feeling that photo styling should indicate how a space is really lived in by the people who live there. I have always used this are of the kitchen as a bar, it’s just now, I have a nicer one with more service area.  While we certainly spent a lot of time putting all the elements into place just so for the photo, there’s nothing here that’s foreign to how I live. And, I just love the simplicity of the image and the play of light on the wall.

As I said, more photos are to come, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, will you have a gin and tonic, or a martini?

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xoxo Linda

23 thoughts on “Linda’s Kitchen: Photoshoot sneak peak”

  1. What a beautiful transformation! I love the black, white and burlap. That extra counter space is going to be very useful in your future! Cant believe how open and airy he made your kitchen feel. I love it! wish he could come over and tell me what to do! LOL

  2. Linda! It just looks great! I love the addition of the burlap to your color palette, and all of your copper pots!! It looks like you added a burlap window treatment too? Can't wait to see all of the final pics!!!! Fantastic. Oh, and vodka on the rocks with a twist, please! 😉

  3. Yes, I would absolutely like to come over for a drink! It looks so good, sort of has a European vibe now too. I am trying to put aside some $$$ to have my house and some of my work professionally photographed. What a difference under such skilled hands. I can not wait to see all the afters.

  4. Hi Linda,

    I just love the transforation of your kitchen ..the burlap/linen skirt on the long counter adds great warmth and texture. Have you considered placing a large framed mirror on the long beadboard wall under the hanging copper. Not only would it fill the blank white space, but it would add extra dimension, interest(you could go a hundred different ways with the frame selection) and quite possibly make the space read and feel quite a bit larger. Or you could always opt for an oil painting leaning up agaist the white wall. Maybe a still life with a very dark background. This would unite this space with your gorgeous black cabinets. In my next life, I want a black and white kitchen just like yours…well maybe just a tad bigger. Thanks for the great B&W inspiration! ~jermaine~

  5. Such a sophisticated kitchen. The roman shade, skirted table and the cabinets…all very stunning and gorgeous. I look forward to the add'l photos you plan to share, I hope soon!!

  6. I'm so excited for you! It just looks beautiful! I can't wait to see all the other images. I'm getting ready to do the same at my house. I'm kind of dreading the process but most necessary.

    I gave you a little award today on RHS. Go by and see when you have time. Hope you are well. I've been crazy and out of touch but missing all my blog friends. Getting back in the saddle!

  7. GASP! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    seriously. this is so gorgeous. unreal.

    it looks beyond perfect. the copper!!!!! i agree with one thing – i like it without the basket in the copper – it takes away from the beauty of all the shapes, etc.

    you must be thrilled. ok – now you have to make a matching skirt for the one in the your dining room!!!! for sure!!!! that would be too cool.

  8. Great photos (looking forward to seeing the rest!) of an intelligent transformation. I have enjoyed reading about your progress from dream concept to photo-ready. Please post "1st-party" shots!

  9. Wow…your kitchen looks beautiful. LOVE the black cabinets, back and white checkerboard floor that leads you in, and the fun green ceiling, And then into all that crispness…muted, rough linen. Gorgeous. Trish

  10. Awesome transformation, I hope you are going to do your dining area next, at the very least you must do that same skirt but I think a new window treatment is in order too.

    Nice job !

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