Skirted Roundtable: Chatting with Michael J. Lee, architectural photographer

This week on The Skirted Roundtable, we chatted with architectural photographer Michael J. Lee. Michael is a real up-and-comer in the New England design scene, having shot (and worked as a designer for) some of the most influential designers, architects and builders in the region. Michael’s background and education as a professional interior designer influences and informs his photographic eye. I’ve been lucky enough to have had Michael shoot two of my projects and his process is thoughtful and boy, he works hard!!

 Charles Spada design
One of the tips Michael shared with us was the value of the close detail shot of a room. As designers, we often want to show off the whole space. However, as Michael put it, leaving something to the imagination of the onlooker, letting them fill in what’s missing with their own wants and desires, can be very important when showing prospective clients your work. 
Anita Clark Interiors
 Linda Merrill/Chameleon Interiors
Michael also discusses when shots work head on or at an angle and how to shoot in different lighting situations. 
Honey Collins Interior Design  

Manuel de Santaren, Inc. design

Listen to the podcast here.  View Michael’s portfolio here.

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5 thoughts on “Skirted Roundtable: Chatting with Michael J. Lee, architectural photographer”

  1. Thank you for the poscast. As a designer and stylist, I love to learn new tips. I listen to every podcast that you three ladies publish. Each one is excellent! Thank you for doing what you do!!! Keep up the great work!!!


    Melissa Rakowski

  2. What beautiful photographs! I love, love the Honey Collins room. Orange just makes me feel invigorated, and her use of white to balance it makes for a very comfortable space. I'm going to listen to the podcast now….great idea.

  3. Linda, these are some of the most beautiful photographs I have seen. He really has a gift. Thank you for sharing Michael s work with us!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh, I been looking forward to this…I'll be having my morning coffee with all of you tomorrow.

    I know with renderings, I'm learning it looks best to have something in the forground…can't wait to listen to what Michael has to say.

    Your space looks wonderful! You both do wonderful work.


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