The Skirted Roundtable makes it to one year! (and they said it wouldn’t last!)

Somewhat over a year ago, I started thinking that what was missing from the design blog world was the real voices behind all the blogs and beauty we focus so much of our attention on. I’d had experience doing interviews via podcast on for Blogging Top Design and on my own blog and knew there was nothing like hearing peoples thoughts live and the exchange of true conversation.  There is no way to have a real conversation in print and interviews never really achieve the same level openness as does a live give and take.  And so, the germ of this idea kept growing inside me. I knew that I didn’t have the blog power to carry this off by myself and that other voices were needed to bring this concept to life. I also had no idea that this concept would ever attract any notable listeners or guests.  In my mind, I was likening this to The View – with two or three regulars and a rotation of guest hosts and interviewees. I started thinking of who would make for interesting partners. One thing I’ve learned in my management background is to hire your weakness – meaning find people who do well what you may not. Since I generally don’t consider myself a spitfire and am sometimes hampered by my New England reserve, I knew I needed a partner who is much more outgoing and, um, brash maybe? than I am. I’d been email buddies with Joni Webb of Cote de Texas for a while. Of course, her blog is one of the best out there, well researched and passionate. And, Joni didn’t hesitate to speak her mind and maybe ruffle a feather or two. Perfect! Now, I’d never spoken with Joni on the phone and had no idea how we’d really get along, but I figured it was worth a shot. Luckily, she responded quickly and was in! We needed a third (odd numbers are always better than evens, as we know in decorating!) and I was at a loss as to the person who would be the right complement to Joni and me. She suggested Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8. Megan and I knew of each other, but were not really readers of each others blogs and we’d never communicated in any way, although we had both been interviewed for a Washington Post story on e-decorating. So, our paths had crossed and I told Joni to go ahead and ask. Kismet.

I could not have found two better partners in this venture.  In the last year, we have posted 60 podcasts, 21 of which have included guests. I think The Skirted Roundtable really exemplifies the power of partnership – especially in creative endeavors. Blogging can often be a solitary business. We spend ours on a post and if we’re lucky, we get a few responses, a few exchanged emails – which is wonderful. As individual bloggers, Megan, Joni and I each had a handful of great industry contacts. By combining our resources, we were able to reach out to a wide range of industry professionals. From our first chat with Patricia Shackleford of Mrs. Blandings to this week’s talk with leading antiquarian Lee Stanton, we’ve enjoyed the company and insights of some amazing industry professionals and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’ve all learned so much.

I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to my partners, and now friends, Joni and Megan, for joining me on this great adventure. Thank you for the late night chats, the commitment to this near weekly project and for your insights and opinions. I literally could not have done it without you!  I also want to thank our listeners and commenters whose opinions we truly value – even when they are critical!

And here’s to our second year of The Skirted Roundtable!

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xoxo Linda

19 thoughts on “The Skirted Roundtable makes it to one year! (and they said it wouldn’t last!)”

  1. Congrats girls! I don't often comment but I am there eagerly waiting for each new post. You've done a wonderful job of acquiring some of the best talents out there. I look forward to another grand year with the insight only a conversation can produce. Happy first birthday!

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary to SRT! So glad you brought this project to life. You have introduced us to some great talents and have shared insights beyond "the blog."

  3. Congratulations to all three of you! I thoroughly enjoy listening in on your conversations and have learned some important bits of wisdom from each of you and your great guests. Did you know you keep me company while I clean my kitchen? Yep, that's usually what I'm doing while I listen. So thanks for that too!

  4. Congratulations Linda. As I was reading thru this I could hear your voice in my mind, which made the experience that much richer. See, you totally accomplished what you set out to do.

  5. Congratulations ladies. I really enjoy the blog and your individual blogs but must say that the only problem I have with podcasts is the length…I prefer to be able to skim, read at my leisure, etc and a podcast keeps me tied to the desk. Just a comment….love you all

  6. Linda I'm so glad you had that epiphany 12 months ago and so glad that I found you. My gym sessions would not be the same without the girls at the table and their guests to listen to. I love hearing everyone's voices and feel I now know you three and your myriad of subjects. Here's to another 12 months.

  7. I have said it many times…love you gals!

    And, the other truly amazing thing is you each have such distinct perspectives in design that represent what is going on east, west and middle. Plus, you all are blessed with easy on ears voices….not just anyone could pull this off live!

    Linda, this brain-child of yours will go down in the blogging history archives of greatness!


  8. Hi Linda
    So interesting that you wrote about this today. I was thinking on my drive home what makes the SRT work. You are the glue and the voice that brings it all together. Joni is the personality that draws everyone in, and Megan brings her quick wit and young hip vibe to the table. Funny I always imagined it was your brainchild. Cheers to another year of informative guests and relevant banter from you three!

  9. Many congratulations. Though I feel like we should all be thanking YOU! I have only recently found SRT and through your honest discourse feel like I have learned so much about design, blogging and the power of collaboration

    Keep it coming!


  10. Congratulations!

    Well, Linda you KNOW what an inspiration the SRT has been to me. I have been a fan and listener for almost the whole year. I remember when I stumbled on your blog and then the SRT — I just thought it was way cool. There is an authentic quality to each of you that makes SRT very special. Thrilled for your success and best wishes for more to come!

  11. The skirted round table has kept me company over the last 12 months or so in my new home in Tokyo, I don't know what I would have done here without your wonderful posts, which if it were possible, would have worn out by now, I have listened to all of them numerous times.

    Keep up the good work ladies, can't wait for the next one.

    Angela x

  12. Linda I feel so fortunate that I was brought into your brilliant idea. Who knew that this perfect balance of personality and design perspectives would works so well.

    Thank YOU for your endless hours of editing, patience and for your friendship, which I'm so happy to have.

    here's to many more Skired Round Table discussions!

    and thank you to all of you who listen in, whether you love us or we annoy you, we appreciate that you've taken the time.

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