Meet the artist: Eric Roth, photographer

A few weeks ago after the last social networking seminar that I gave at the Boston Design Center for IFDA, there was a little reception held at Diana Levine Fine Art.  Diana also invited a few of her artists to join us and the group included noted architectural photographer Eric Roth. Eric has shot for all the major shelter magazines and newspapers across the country, not to mention a who’s who of the design world.

I hadn’t previously met Eric and in true bloggerazzi fashion, I not only insisted on a photo with him, but I insisted he be the one to take it. Because, you know, nothing like being able to say “Eric Roth shot me”. Ha! Always a great angle to have one’s photo taken, isn’t it? But, it was a funny moment, to me at least! And Eric was a good sport about it. I posted this pic on Facebook and there was a surprisingly robust response – methinks I need to smile more!

Anyway, I was lucky that Eric gave me a little promotional photo book of some of his interiors photography which I’ve been drooling over ever since. Since I’m a fan of photography (not to mention interiors) a photo book showcasing both just makes my day!

Eric has recently published a book of fine art photography called “Imaginings”. It’s filled with beautiful oversize images of all sorts. Currently, the book is available direct through Eric.

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xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Meet the artist: Eric Roth, photographer”

  1. Linda, your smile is beautiful, I think we all need to smile more! Eric's book sounds wonderful!!

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Do come visit and spread the word!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Linda!
    Great photo and quick thinking on your part! Eric (also one of my favorite photographers) was at the North Shore Design Show Preview Party on Friday night, but I missed the chance to get a photo-op. Next time I will remember your technique!

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