Project Sneak Peak

I wanted to share a sneak peak of a project I’ve been working on with a friend. She owns an antique home on a pond – very idyllic. The house has all the charms, and challenges, of an antique that dates to the late 1600’s. Low, beamed ceilings and original floors are certainly charming, but can also make the rooms feel small. In order to play up the cozy factor, my client and friend wanted to spruce up her upholstered furniture and add some simple window treatments – all to create a cozy and warm feeling in her New England waterfront home. Here’s a little inspiration board with the fabrics and trims I selected for her pleated valance treatments and newly upholstered club chairs and love seat.(click on image for larger view)

The room is so dark and the day was so bright when I was there that it was impossible to get a decent interior shot. I’ll be back, however, as we’re talking about glazing her walls a soft peachy pink, possibly in a glaze, to add more warmth and glow to the space.  Here are some inspiration images for the pink walls:

Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to do a better job taking photos!

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xoxo Linda

8 thoughts on “Project Sneak Peak”

  1. Linda, how beautiful. I love the color palette you are using. Your friend must be just delighted and excited about the changes!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Linda. Love how you've gone rich and jewel toned. How wonderful to live in a piece of history…that would mitigate any light issues for me. How are the bathrooms? Is there a fireplace in the kitchen? Would love to see more rooms. Finally upgrading to a better camera principally because of the low light problems. That was my caveat, above all else! Must perform in low light! Trish

  3. Those inside shots are always so tricky, specially in a darker, cozier looking home. My previous house was very Victorian, and even though I tried to make it a little more youthful with some of the patterns used, it still photographed pretty much dark and gloomy.

    I love the inspiration pictures and idea board. I had never thought of changing the walls to a peachy pink colour. That will for sure brighten things up.

  4. Linda,
    The inspiration pictures are beautiful!! I love the one of Martha Stewart with the pink walls and the grey-green paneling!! Mmmmmm!!!!
    PS Thank for stopping by the other day!

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