The Skirted Roundtable chats with Christina Strutt “At Home with Country”

This week at The Skirted Roundtable Megan, Joni and I chatted with Christina Strutt, founder and creative mind behind the British lifestyle firm Cabbages and Roses and author of their latest book At Home With Country: Bringing the Comforts of Country Home (Cabbages & Roses) The book is just filled with gorgeous images of homes … Read more

Bloggers behind the lens

There’s sort of a general idea in blogland, particularly the design themed ones, that we do nothing but scan or copy and paste images from other sources – magazines, websites, other blogs, etc. Of course, this does happen frequently enough and we appreciate being introduced to a designer or professional photographer we’re not aware of, … Read more

Media Talk: My little kitchen gets its closeup and John Derian’s P-town home

The Boston Globe featured my kitchen renovation in today’s issue! You can click on the image above to read it as it appears in the paper, or easier yet, click here for the online version.  Thanks to Jaci Conry for writing such an excellent account of the project!  I’ve probably bored all my regular readers … Read more