Bloggers Behind the Lens, V2

Last month, I started a new feature called “Bloggers Behind the Lens” to highlight some of the amazing photography coming from the blogs. And so, I hope you enjoy this month’s installment!

Gina Garner of Art and Alphalfa not only creates the most beautiful ceramic works, she takes beautiful photos as well!
Vicki Archer from French Essence always inspires with her lifestyle blog filled with gorgeous photography of La Belle France!

La Tartine Gourmonde is written by a foodie and photostylist, but the personal images are lovely as well.

I loved Lisa’s “Normal Rockwellian” post about summer days and baseball and thought this image realy was quite striking!

Thanks ladies for such beautiful work to inspire us all!

And here is one of my favorite pics that I took this month:

Newburyport, MA

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xoxo Linda

13 thoughts on “Bloggers Behind the Lens, V2”

  1. Indeed, these images are incredible. Bloggers are ultra-talented; I would even say, 'natural photographers' – makes me giddy! Your image would be stellar enlarged on canvas.

    Congratulations on the magazine. I love it!

    So sorry to hear about your M&M Pretzel discovery…good luck with that.

  2. Lovely photos Linda. It's so nice to see the world through the lens of our fellow bloggers. There is real talent out there and I love your initiative to share that with us.

    xx Charlotta

  3. All lovely for different reasons. I have a thing for baseballs and have a sweetgrass basket full of them yet never played the game. Have a great weekend. olive♥

  4. wow. I love these photos. Thank you for finding and sharing. I really admire people who have a creative vision and then know how to execute. It always seems so "dumb luck" to me when I capture an image that I really like. Keep up this feature. I'll be following and enjoying the inspiration.

    Susan at

  5. Dear Linda, I am so honored that you included one of my photographs in your new blog feature "Bloggers behind the Lens".
    You always come up with such great ideas.

    So many of us are not trained photographers. Blogs with pictures are always much more interesting, and so, we try to improve our skills.

  6. Linda,
    I am waaaay behind in thanking you for including me in your "behind the lens" series. Somehow I missed it all together, my apologies.
    What a good idea, you know you inspired me with your great photography!

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