Greetings from Boston!

Hello! I’m still here – working up a storm and finally getting all my home issues dealt with. The water main was fixed, the electrical service entrance was fixed and the oil tank is in. It was not the way I wanted to end the summer, but what are you going to do. source Meanwhile, … Read more

Brizo bathroom design challenge

Am participating in the Brizo bathroom design challenge at the Brizo New York fashion week event. On my team is Nancy Hugo, Corey Klassen  and Mike Tadros. Corey’s idea for a zen bathroom is being fleshed out by the team and rendered in SketchUp. The winning entry (4 finalists) will be announced tonight at the … Read more

Decorating the Seats of Power

So, we’ve been all chewing over President Obama’s new Oval Office decor. It has been received with an overwhelming … eh… and that’s on the positive side. Some people, perhaps unwilling to publicly criticize Michael Smith, rumored to be the designer, have supported the decor as at least being satisfying to Mr. Obama. Because after … Read more