The Skirted Roundtable: Chatting with Vicki Archer

This week at The Skirted Roundtable: Joni, Megan and I chatted with the lovely and elegant Vicki Archer of the popular blog French Essence. We chat about Vicki’s amazing life among the olive grove in Saint Rémy de Provence in France and her books French Essence and My French Life.

So, while you’re decorating your cookies and wrapping your Christmas presents, power up the iPod, iPad, iPhone or good old laptop and join us as we get to know Vicki and live her French life for 45 minutes. You’ll get a lot done and learn something too!

Joyeux Noel!

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xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “The Skirted Roundtable: Chatting with Vicki Archer”

  1. I so enjoyed hearing your interview with Vicki! I of course have both her books, I visit her blog….and I am thrilled that she also visits mine…lol….so it was really great to hear the interview…..even though it was about 2am when I was listening….thank you!

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