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My kitchen makeover was completed just about a year ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. It is my favorite room in my house. I’ve been very lucky that it also appealed to several media outlets including The Boston Globe, Shelterpop, Apartment Therapy and now Country Woman magazine.  I received a call in October from Country Woman asking if they could feature my kitchen and the $500 makeover process. And what was really fun was that they wanted to re-shoot the kitchen! The original photography, shot by Michael Lee, was beautiful, but it featured a cocktail bar set up that wasn’t quite the homey feel Country Woman prefers. So, Michael was hired to re-shoot the kitchen which we styled with a Springtime/Valentine’s tea time feel as the issue the kitchen is being featured in is their February/March issue.

What a treat to have two different photo shoots! It’s amazing the different feel Michael achieved. The original set of images are sharper and more saturated and this new set has a very soft and romantic feel.

I love this shot because it incorporates so many elements of my new kitchen. And of course, Humpty makes another appearance!


And this shot showcases the finished insides of the cabinets and some of my collection of this and that. The camel tea pot and cups were a gift from my Aunt when I was young. The silver tea pot was a $10 fine at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in NYC. The green teapot came to me via my great Aunt and is vintage McCoy and the top row features my Grandmother’s egg cup that’s a bit chipped, but reminds me of visiting her in the summer and having soft boiled eggs with soldier boys on the side.

And a final detail shot of my gathered burlap counter skirt. Counter skirts certainly elicit a lot of positive and negative comments. Many commenters on Shelterpop, AT and the Boston Globe hated it. Many liked it. I did received one suggestion that it should have been more tailored with box pleats and a black border along the bottom. And they were absolutely right! I did consider that exact design, but went with gathers because they are more forgiving. I was concerned that I wouldn’t get the pleats right and the skirt wouldn’t hang properly and perhaps impede me getting behind them to the storage shelves. As it is, the gathered skirt is pretty (imo) and easy to lift up, but it’s also very heavy and keeping it attached to the side of the counter is a never ending battle with gravity! A more tailored skirt would have likely been taken half the fabric and been considerably lighter. Oh well.


All photos by Michael J. Lee

21 thoughts on “My Kitchen in Country Woman magazine”

  1. I like both sets of photos, love the burlap and your copper collection and I liked the little bar set up – so chic. It is a very handsome kitchen Linda! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Please allow me to weigh in on the skirted counter controversy…..I LOVE IT! It is perfect and your kitchen is beautiful! Merry Christmas.

  3. Hi Linda – The photos are amazing and I'm inspired everytime I see your kitchen. Personally, I love the burlap skirt as and it's a great idea. I just wanted to say too that the purple color of your sweater is beautiful and that's a great color on you!
    Merry Christmas,

  4. * WOW! Everything looks EVEN M*O*R*E STUNNING than I REMEMBERED, Linda…. simply "UBER DELIGHTFUL", in every sense of the word!!!

    I ADORE that it's comfy & warm & welcoming AND very "now" too, annnnd, most importantly to ME, is that it's NOT cluttered…you are simply PERFECT at EDITING!!!

    MANNNNY congrats to you for this great recognition/applause!!!

    "My ELF HAT'S off to you", and MERY CHRISTMAS!!!

    Linda in AZ*

  5. Dear Linda, Congratulations. It is great to see credit given where credit is due.
    I have skirting in my kitchen and I love it. It is made of green, blue and yellow plaid cotton. It lays very flat but is slightly gathered. It was sewn with a pocket in back and at the top through which a drawstring gathers the fabric. It is then hung on a small curtain rod. No special sewing skills required. It hides my washer and dryer.
    Merry Christmas,

  6. Hi Linda, I think your kitchen is really ideal. I like many of the elements, and even though you have black cabinets it still has a light and bright appearance. The table skirt I adore, ruffled is pretty! The photography is wonderful, Michael Lee is very talented. Congrats on the magazine spread Linda. You inspired me to try the beadboard wallpaper, and it was as fab as you said it would be.

  7. Congrats Linda!! The images look beautiful ~ as do you! Loved peaking into your cupboards too… Nice…

    Merry Christmas and BEST wishes for you in the upcoming NEW year!!

    xo Lynda

  8. Your kitchen is very beautiful, it reminds me of a country farm house kitchen filled with a lot of home cooking and family dinners. I came across your post this morning while browsing interior design blogs and your take on interior décor is exquisite, it is a relaxing chic feel. Your burlap counter skirt really adds personality to your kitchen. Window treatments can do the same for any kitchen as well. It is true that you must dress your windows appropriately to bring out their true beauty. Thank you for writing and as a special thanks to you and your readers, I would like to offer a 20% off coupon using this code upon checkout: BLG20.

    P.S. The Humpty Dumpty is a fantastic touch!

  9. congrats to you Linda… your kitchen looks amazing in these pictures, loving the black, I am so going to paint mine black as I had been planning, I was on the fence abit but now, no problem, seeing your finished kitchen has made all the difference for me, thank you…
    Have a wonderful holiday and all the best for the new year, 2011 !
    Regards, Carol Ann

  10. wow! i love the second shoot – all the open cabinets and i love the view into the dining rom. Michael did a great job, as usual. Congrats on the magazine story!!!

    Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas – talk to you soon!!!

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