Random thoughts and ringing in the New Year!

 I had big plans on doing a thought provoking New Year’s post, but got too busy doing actual work today! And, I am very, very grateful for that!  As I posted earlier this week, am working on several projects that all ganged up on me right at the end of the year and I am feeling hopeful that a busy end of year means a busy new year!

So far this week I’ve worked up these plans for a family room:

These plans for the Bachelor Pad in Cambridge:

This bachelor and I (who full disclosure is a dear, long time friend) spent four hours (seriously 4!) at the Boston Design Center yesterday picking out fabric for the window treatments. We looked at thousands of fabrics to find the one perfect one – which means he’ll be repainting his newly painted bedroom because HE DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME when I suggested he wait to pick the paint until we picked the fabric. Oh well. I asked him if I could indulge in a moment of “I told you so”. He said “no”. Hehe.

And we’re getting ready to do the final install for a little girl’s fantasy bedroom that includes this bed:

Busy, busy. And, after the last 2-3 years we’ve had, I am incredibly grateful!  Grateful to have several great projects with wonderful clients who respect my word and vision, but are also very clear about what they want. I love working in true collaboration with clients and have come to realize that I could never be the designer who creates and plan and presents it to the client as complete. I want to let my designs develop organically and leave the clients feeling that they own the designs as much as I do.

Speaking of grateful – I wanted to send a shoutout to my compatriots at The Skirted RoundtableJoni and Megan without whom I’d be a sad voice in the wilderness.  They are the best partners for this adventure and I am so proud to have started something that is still going on after nearly two years (note to self: change the blog banner – it will be two years in April!). Stay tuned for our first interview coming in the new year: Suzanne Rheinstein!  I am so grateful to all our listeners and commenters for sticking with us. We’re not professional reporters and I know we sometimes ramble – so we appreciate you.

I’d also like to thank all those who regularly read ::Surroundings:: – my posting has been spotty this year due to external commitments and the need to, you know, make money. And I know I’ve been sadly a bad blog world citizen when it comes to posting comments on other blogs. I read the posts, I can assure you. But I promise to be better! So, I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. It means more than I can say.

I watched Paris: The Luminous Years documentary on PBS last evening and highly recommend it! A little academic, but still, it has beautiful images, music and, of course, Paris! A great way to usher in the new year!

Wishing you all the best and a Happy  New Year! I am off to spend the evening on Cape Cod with a friend eating stuffed lobster, drinking champagne and enjoying a Craig Ferguson movie marathon. A friend, knowing of my undying love for that smart and sexy Scotsman of late night tv, gave me the complete collection of Craig’s movies for Christmas. Yum!  And tomorrow, I start the dreaded diet. Like millions of others. But the need is great and I’m hoping my will power will be as well!

Happy New Year friends!

If you would like my help on your design project, I would love to chat with you! Please email me. Thanks!

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xoxo Linda

12 thoughts on “Random thoughts and ringing in the New Year!”

  1. Dear Linda, I can feel it in my bones. Your 2011 is going to be a great one. You have worked hard and credit will be given where credit is due. Stuffed lobster and champagne! Wow! Perfect! Enjoy your special evening with your friend.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
    Love, Gina

  2. Linda, Happy New Year. I really enjoy your blog and your generous laughter on SRT. Hope 2011 is a great one for you.

  3. Happy New Year Linda! You remain one of my favorites and I am so happy to learn of your many inspiring projects. Yes, lets hope this is a sign of things to come in 2011.

    I have also struggled to regularly comment on blogs and will be striving to be a better blog buddy this year. Hope we can connect in 2011

    My best,
    Avolli – Scandinavian Antique Furniture

  4. Linda, I always enjoy reading your posts – thoughtful, friendly and engaging. Keep it up! Doesn't it feel good to be busy! Well done!
    It will only get better for you!

  5. Happy New Year Linda, I too have been a bad blogger, life sometimes just gets in the way….

    All the best to you….and I ADORE Craig….he is a RIOT…I dvr him, have to have a dose of him….

    Kathy 🙂

  6. Happy New Year Linda! Looking forward to 2011 and all that is keeping you busy and the SRT!! Blogging is such a great thing – I love it and love all the new friends I've made around the world!

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