Follow Friday: New England edition

Another week, another snowstorm has come and gone. My brick front walkway has about 3-1/2′ of snow on either side. It’s just nuts! So, clearly, we’re all a little stir crazy here in New England (I know, the rest of the country is in a similar situation). But complaining about the weather is one of our past times.  Anyway, I wanted to give a Follow Friday shout out to some excellent New England blogs that I always enjoy reading.

Deborah from Boxwood Terrace always features the most beautiful images and products on her blog. This week, she’s begging Mother Nature for a little green before May. Given how much snow I’m looking out on, I’m not sure we’ll see the grass again before June!

Murano glass lamps from Swank Lighting

Deborah’s fantasy cubicle (sadly,I work from home and my office doesn’t look like this!)

Coming to us from Tricia Mitchell who’s in Maine (brrr) is Avolli. Tricia runs an antiques business specializing in Swedish and Scandinavian antiques, with a smattering of other European finds. Tricia’s blog features product’s of the week at great prices, as well well as her current favorite things and some adventures in cooking.

Lindsay from Everything LEB is one of those adorable, young bloggers who seem so effortlessley chic. I should hate her, but she’s also really sweet and very talented. One of the things I love about her blog are her chic DIY projects. Beautifully executed, these are not your granny’s craft projects. Lindsay is also getting married so of course she’s got weddings on her mind. And apparently she and her pack of girlfriends are currently doing the bachelorette thing – in Florida. Congrats Lindsay!

Laurie at Zinc Studios blog features incredibly beautiful images that inspire her as well as items from her online shop.

My friend Yvonne of Design Vignettes has been here, there, and everywhere recently and is reporting it all with great detail on her blog. She recently attended the NYIGF and posted about all she saw and heard as well as has a great roundup of links from other bloggers who were there. Yvonne is also jumping on the digital magazine bandwagon and is about to launch New England Finery.

Stacy Kunstel and Michael Partenio at their Dunes and Duchess stand at NYIGF

Amy at Maison Decor features a decidedly feminine style that is always gorgeous to look at.She’s also quite the artist and recently did a giveaway of a house sketch for a lucky reader!

How pretty is Amy’s pink porch swing?

Maya from Completely Coastal showcases some of the prettiest sea-themed items going – never kitschy, always stylish. I’m always impressed when a blogger hits upon a single theme and does it up right. I don’t have that kind of discipline (or possibly attention span!).

Other fabulous New England design professionals with blogs include:

Whew… lots of great things coming out of New England. I am certain I’ve missed some people, so feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll add the links.

Finally, I wanted to thank Elle Decor for asking me to share with their readers where I have been clicking this week. That feature went up today!!

If you would like my help on your design project, I would love to chat with you! Please email me. Thanks!

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xoxo Linda

15 thoughts on “Follow Friday: New England edition”

  1. Linda, I adore Maya's Completely Coastal blog… she always has fab finds for we New England designers and clients. And I follow Yvonne for the latest happenings in the design scene on the North Shore, as well as Rosanne. I am so happy that New England Home has their blog up & running, now I no longer have to wait a month for each new edition to get my fix. And following Stacy on her own blog gives me another chance at her insight independent from NEH. Thanks for your "Follow Friday" as it's nice to learn about other bloggers & blogs I am not familiar with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Linda thank you so much for including me in this special Follow Friday post! Despite all this crazy New England weather, there is plenty of creativity going on around us, and I am happy to be able to report on what I see around me. We are hoping that New England Finery Magazine will capture a bit of that "I love New England spirit" that keeps us loyal to this place many of us call home.

    PS Thanks for introducing me to some new bloggers to follow on this list. We are hoping to spotlight some New England bloggers on the pages of New England Finery. I will keep you posted : )

  3. Linda, How exciting it was to click on over to your blog and to discover that avolli was part of your follow-Friday post. Thanks so much for including me! While I am familiar with several of the other blogs you mentioned, there are a few that are new to me and I look forward to getting to know them better.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thanks for the blog links! With so many of my family in New England, I'll pass along the blog info to them.

    I always enjoy meeting fellow bloggers from different parts of the country. It's just a big neighborhood!

  5. Linda, I almost spilled my coffee when I saw my blog featured here! You are so sweet~thank you!! I loved that damask wallpaper for the office too. I will be checking out your recommendations. You always have such interesting posts. Happy weekend!

  6. Wow, you Eastern Neighbors are quite a design force! I think our local markets are so important, even know we are part of a global one. I'm going back to take a second look.


  7. Hi Linda – I was surprised and thrilled that you included my blog in your post! Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate the mention. I'm excited too to learn about other blogs in New England, so will visit them as well. Have a great week! Hopefully this one will be less snowy than the prior weeks…

  8. You just made my day with this!! I'm obvi late seeing it, but I was in Flordia haha 🙂 Thank you for such nice words, you are so sweet!

    Also, so excited to find other New England blogs, I cant wait to read them all!

    Here's to hoping the snow melts early this year too.

  9. Linda,
    Thank you so much for the mention on Follow Friday…
    I am enjoying all the featured blogs here…
    What a treat to meet new visitors to my blog…THANKS TO YOU!

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