Sneak Peak ::Surroundings:: Magazine cover unveiled!

As I’m putting the final touches on my newest issue of ::Surroundings:: magazine, I am too excited about the cover to keep it under wraps any longer!

As I’d previously written, photographer Michael J. Lee has come on board as cover photographer for the magazine. I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership as it’s such as opportunity for me to expand my portfolio and learn about creating a cover shot.  Some of the issues may feature my client work and some will be shots we create from scratch, as is the case with this issue. The amazing Webster and Company showroom at the Boston Design Center was our playground for the shoot. I spend an afternoon walking the floor and pulling together different concepts from their gorgeous collection of furnishings, lighting, art and accessories. I created three vignette concepts and did story boards for Michael’s review and input:

Luckily, we were both on the same page as to our favorite and the decision was easy to make! On the day of the shoot, which was about two weeks ago, we arrived with flowers and lots of equipment. Well, Michael had lots of equipment, I had my point and shoot, a tape measure, a basket and a pair of scissors…

The first thing we had to do was pick where we’d set up our vignette which meant removing what was in that spot (very carefully!) and moving my selected items into place. Luckily, there was a perfect location with a big hook (we’d removed an incredibly heavy mirror from the wall) so that we could hang this amazing oil painting by Bill Fisher – and the height was right as well! The wallpaper is Gilded India Tea paper by deGournay.

In the above photo, you can that the lamp base and accessories are different than in the final shot. I’d left those details until we had the shot together, so we could decide what gave us the right feel. We were testing out a pure white vase vs. an earthenware jug. The white vase was too “precious” and the jug blended into the background too much. Don’t you just LOVE the Root Table by J.F. Chen? Michael and I both loved the “earthy” nature of the piece and it’s roughness next to the dainty Louis XVI chair by Dennis & Leen. As this is an early Spring edition, we also loved creating the feeling of anticipating the coming season – which in New England means that there are wee crocuses blooming amidst the bare branches and remaining piles of snow.  You will also note that the lamp base is different than the one we used in the final image. I loved this crystal ball base, but we needed something with a little more height and went with the Biarritz Crystal base from Vaughn instead and in the end, it was a much better style choice as its swirling design mimics both the Root Table as well as the freedom in the art.

Here is our final vignette set up. As you can see, we were working in a very tight little spot. And, while my imagined “story” for the cover shot was that we were in a front hall and the owner had just picked some flowers and dropped the basket on the chair on their way in the door, the reality is very different. Also, of note, is that the side chair was slightly too low for the table, so four coffee mugs later and all is perfect. (Someday I am going to write a book about photographers “tricks” to get room shots looking so perfect for the camera!).

Here’s Michael reviewing the shots as we were creating the final image. What a difference it makes being able to see the final image on screen and knowing when we wrapped up, we had it! Of course, Michael is so good, there would be little doubt anyway, but still…

And, the final image photographed by Michael. Click on the image for a larger view – the detail is amazing! And stay tuned for the magazine to be released in the next day or so!!

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xoxo Linda