Seen at the Boston Flower Show : A fantasy treehouse & garden

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the press preview of the Boston Flower Show. It was certainly the time to go because no only was it not crowded, giving me a chance to photograph the different displays, but we also got better access to the displays as well. The biggest and most prominent display this year was this garden eerie by Miskovsky Landscaping of Falmouth, MA  with Allen C. Haskell & Son Nursery of  Bridgewater, MA. Their display was an amazing fairy land that included an adorable – and fully decked out – tree house that I was allowed to see.

I loved the little pair of doves that were in residence – if you look closely, you’ll see one below. I was literally “coo-ing” to get their attention for the photo. Almost worked!

The tree house was built on stilts, allowing for a covered seating area below: 

A feature of the garden was this amazing bronze Porter Garden Telescope by Telescopes of Vermont.

And up the stairs to the tree house eerie: 

I could live there. What’s amazing is that most attendees wouldn’t have been able to see this. I’m guess just press and those who attended the opening gala.

And this beautiful flower was “growing”on the base of the tree house. Not sure of the name.

We’re expecting a snow storm this week – yes, seriously – so this is hopefully a respite and promise that Spring will, in fact, be here some day!

Meanwhile, I am headed off to High Point on Sunday with several other design bloggers, courtesy of Hickory Chair, Theodore Alexander, Sligh, Hooker Furniture and Century. I’m very excited and have been told to bring a selection of comfy shoes. If you’re going to be there, or have any advice, let me know!

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xoxo Linda