The Skirted Roundtable: Jamie Drake, Megan and me – live and in person!

Last week when I was in High Point, podcast partner Megan and I had the opportunity to hold our first live and in person interview together and we were thrilled that we got to chat with the fabulous designer Jamie Drake.

Jamie was the keynote speaker at the morning press breakfast, which was sponsored by Swarovski Elements.  One of the best parts of being a designer/blogger is that I have been able to gain access to some of the industry’s most successful designers – people whose careers I can only dream of – and learn directly from them. Each of these talks and interviews is like a masterclass in interior design and I always come away with another slice of information or encouragement that makes me a better designer. I can’t imagine being a blogger/journalist covering a field that I’m not actively participating in as well, it feels like it would be interesting but not life changing.

It was a new experience doing the interview in person as we finally had the visual cues that one needs to avoid over talk and keep a linear line of thought going. Hopefully, we’ll get to do more in the future!

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xoxo Linda