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I just finished watching an advance screener of the first episode of BravoTV’s “Million Dollar Decorator” starring LA design icons Kathryn M. Ireland, Mary MacDonald, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nathan Turner and Jeffrey Alan Marks. The show premiers on Tuesday, May 31st and I will be blogging on it and doing interviews with all the decorators. I have to say that it’s quite brave of these designers to let the cameras document their personal lives and client interactions because let’s face it, we’re not always ready for prime time and episode 1 is a bit of an eye opener. It’s a rare world of celebrity, wealth and status that few decorators will ever know with parties, planes and anything goes budgets. That said, it’s also a pressure cooker where the clientele is used to getting what they want when they want it and a disappointed celeb client can jeopardize a career. Celebrities are sure to make appearances, such as Sharon Osborne who tasked Martyn LB with decorating a new apartment – start to finish – in under two weeks. Retail shopping on a huge budget – a girl can only dream…

A little inside tidbit – last fall, we interviewed Kathryn on The Skirted Roundtable. I think we rescheduled 3 or 4 times because of her shooting schedule on the show. Oh how I wish the cameras were there when Joni, Megan and I chatted her up during cocktail hour! Now that would have been fun. Meanwhile, I have a few minutes of recording where Kathryn spoke about the show, which she requested be removed from the SRT podcast because they were still filming and it was too soon to publicly talk about it. I’ll have to ask Bravo and Kathryn for permission to post it here. Hopefully they’ll say yes.

Meanwhile, who wants to watch Million Dollar Decorators with me?

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