Million Dollar Decorators: Chatting with Nathan Turner

On BravoTV’s Million Dollar Decorators, we’re treated to the ins and outs of the top echelons of LA’s design scene featuring some larger than life “personalities”. This isn’t “Housewives of the blah blah blah”, however. The MDD cast are people who are friends and colleagues who respect one another and often go to each other for advice. In truth, their design styles and personalities are all so entirely different (excellent casting) that it makes for a lot of fun television watching, especially for interior design professionals. We see these “design stars” whose work appears in major magazines and in books dealing with all the same issues we do – clients not listening, nerves about how the client will like a plan or the final outcome, keeping within a budget. While they may suggest that these are no budget, do what you want type decorators, they all still have to work within certain parameters.
Nestled among the bold personalities is the one quiet one – Nathan Turner. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten the screen time that the others have, which is typical of reality tv. Nathan has a quiet, laid back demeanor that is easily overlooked what with Kathryn flashing her boobs, Ross flipping his hair, Mary tossing off the witty bon mots, Jeffrey’s sneering and Martyn’s name dropping. I do hope that there will be more screen time in the last few episodes for Nathan. 
Meanwhile, he was kind enough to sit down for an interview where we talked about his career, the show and what he would, and would not do, for the cameras. Enjoy! [Unfortunately, the sound quality was not fantastic, so I apologize in advance!]


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