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The latest issue of my digital magazine is all about outdoor living. A big thanks to photographer Michael J. Lee for once again shooting a beautiful cover shot!  If you haven’t checked out Michael’s portfolio, you should!

Also, a big thanks to Peter Levis, owner of BG Galleries (BG = Beyond Gorgeosity) in Hingham, MA for working with Michael and I to produce our cover shot. Peter’s shop is at the Hingham Shipyard and we thought the location was perfect for capturing an outdoor “moment”. While the “Spinnaker” chair is not usually considered outdoor furniture, it certainly captures the essence of taking a moment to relax and unwind. Check out Page 2 of the magazine for more about BG Galleries (and their amazing mid-century finds!) and the photoshoot.

Here are some behind the camera shots. The vignette was set up right at the edge of the dock, beyond the safety fence. Below is Michael filling the beer glass as I nervously looked on. All I could imagine was the beer sloshing on 1) Michael’s iPhone also on the table and 2) the beautiful white leather of the Spinnaker chair! Luckily, he has a steady hand!

This is Peter Levis’ shot of Michael shooting the vignette. It was a hot but beautiful late afternoon at the Shipyard!
If you want to view the magazine as a PDF, or print it, go here  and click the print button (see below).
I’ve been a bit awol from the blog recently and I apologize for the lack of posts, and more for not visiting and commenting on some of my favorite blogs!  I’ve been swamped with design work (yay!) and have been trying to get everything done.  I’ve been busy setting business goals as well and working to improve my productivity. I’m currently looking at different office spaces and will be looking for a part time assistant, which would be heaven! I just bought a new iMac computer last week that has a 21″ screen (the laptop was getting a bit much) and a fast processor. Working at the speed of light. 
So, now that the magazine is out the door, I can (hopefully) get back to more regular blogging. Meanwhile, big client meeting tomorrow (there’s a sneak peak in the magazine on this exciting project). So, am off to prepare. 
Have a great day!

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xoxo Linda