Is “Good Enough” really good enough?

I’ve been listening to the audio version of the Steve Jobsbiography by Walter Isaacson this week. Well, who hasn’t actually? It’s currently #1 of all books on Amazon. As I wrote when Mr. Jobs died earlier this month, I’m a big fan of the Apple products and have been for over twenty years. In 1989, … Read more

Bathroom Light fixtures: From Sleek to Shabby Chic

A beautiful light fixture is truly the “jewelry” of a space. Today’s bathrooms are ever more popular spaces to decorate, moving from a purely functional space to one of pride and even status. There is a vast array of beautiful light fixtures on the market that still must serve the important functional needs of a … Read more

Knock, Knock

Whether you live in a castle or an apartment, a door knocker is a decorative way to welcome visitors. As one of the first things in your home that greets visitors, door knockers can represent your personality. They come in many different designs and materials and can offer a classic and traditional welcome or a … Read more