A little Friday pretty: Drive-by shooting in Osterville, Massachusetts


I had a fantastic meeting today with a builder in the beautiful seaside town of Osterville and then drove around taking pictures of some beautiful spots around town. It’s a dark and stormy day here on Cape Cod, but it’s always nice to take a drive.
The house below is a classic shingle style with a fantastic ocean view.

This is a sort of sideways saltbox style house. A few too many window styles for my taste, but the view can’t be beat.

This big old rambling house has also got a spectacular view of the ocean, seen below.

The house below features the classic Cape Cod crushed shell driveway and sweet landscaping. I think the shutters on the upper dormers are kind of unnecessary and certainly aren’t functional.

A big old white house tucked behind the trees.

I like the subtle quality of this house – it’s kind of tucked into the natural landscaping.
A cute little new construction house for sale.
And finally, little Fancy’s market where there’s more stuff crammed into the smallest square footage you’ll ever see in a grocery store. My friend’s elderly Mom shops there and when she’s in, one of their staff walk around with her, carrying the grocery basket for her (no room for carts here). Love that small town attention.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip around Osterville, Massachusetts and have a great weekend!

xoxo Linda