Annie Selke’s “Fresh” new blog

Congratulations to the lovely Annie Selke, founder of Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert Rug companies on the re-launch of her blog “Fresh American”! Starting with her first post today, Annie’s new approach to blogging will be a personal journey and reflections on her love of interior design, architecture and landscapes.

As a special treat, starting with the blog’s re-launch on May 7th,
each visitor who leaves a comment on the day’s post (until midnight)
will be entered into a randomly-selected drawing to win that day’s
prize. Daily prizes will be anything from
individual products or gift collections from
Pine Cone Hill
and Dash & Albert Rug Company to gift cards to any one of Annie’s home textile companies.
Yesterday’s giveaway was a doozy: 
Now, this is where you come in! Head on over each day over the next two weeks to Annie’s Blog Fresh American and post a comment on that day’s post. Tell her you came from my blog. If your comment is the one randomly selected, you will win a fabulous prize. And I will win one more to give away here.  So, your chances are doubled (in Linda-math)! And even better, the blog that generates the most comments on Annie’s blog will receive a $500 gift card to give away. Your chances are TRIPLED! (don’t check my math, percentages and probabilities was not on my school schedule!). ETA: Only those who leave comments on Annie’s blog mentioning me or ::Surroundings:: will be eligible for a second chance at that days giveaway (should I have one to give!) So, really, your chances of winning something are fantastic but you have comment to increase your chances! Just put Annie’s blog in your reader and comment every day!

 Good luck!

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xoxo Linda