International Housewares Show – Healthy Living Made Beautiful

By Lori Dolnick

The International Home + Housewares Show (Chicago, IL) offered the opportunity to experience today’s hottest consumer lifestyle and product trends. Healthy living has been a growing trend at the show – and this year was no exception. What is new is that healthy living products look far less “medicinal” and more designed overall with vibrant colors and sophisticated looks.Soda Master Freestyle lets you create healthy sodas at home.

OBH Nordica, a leading Scandinavian brand, presents the Freestyle Soda Master for making sparkling water and homemade healthy sodas. The Freestyle Soda Master turns water into carbonated water or soda in just a few seconds, and can adjust the amount of bubbles per soda. It also includes a 1-liter soda machine bottle as well as a CO2 cylinder. To make sugar free soda, just add a bit of lemon juice or any flavored sugar free syrup to taste. The unique push down handle design makes creating any drink a breeze. The elegant Scandinavian design gives you the satisfaction of drinking a soda, without the calories and sugar contents of name brands.
Hampton Forge Kendo Colors fights cross contamination with color coordinated knives and cutting boards.

Hampton Forge launched the new Kendo Colors 11-piece cutlery set which includes color coordinated knives and cutting boards that fight cross contamination for healthier cooking. The new Kendo Colors set encourages safe and hygienic cooking techniques with colorful style and durable high carbon resin coated stainless blades. The four colored cutting boards systematically match the knives while the bamboo and acrylic cutting block completes the set, creating an all-in-one cutlery center. Matching the knife to the cutting board helps to prevent cross contamination as the same colored knife/matching board is always used for meat, for vegetables, for bread, etc. “The new Kendo Colors Cutlery Center makes cooking safe, easy and convenient,” states Suso Balanza, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Hampton Forge.

Lantern Scentilizer from SERENE HOUSE moisturizes indoor air, plus adds essential oils for relaxation
SERENE HOUSE premieres the Scentilizer collection, seven innovative Personal Air Care products that combine innovative technology and elegant design. Scentilizers gently release a scented mist while simultaneously playing music and emitting a sensual light display. The mist is produced with a simple combination of SERENE HOUSE essential oils and fresh water, producing a fragrant vapor that reduces the dryness of indoor air. A beacon in the dark, the Lantern Scentilizer releases a relaxing, scented mist and emits a reassuring glow that lights the way with soft illumination. With SERENE HOUSE’s innovative Scentilizers, cleaning the air in your house is now beautiful and calming.


xoxo Linda