Rooms with a view of beautiful Duxbury Bay

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon this weekend with a client visiting six beautiful homes on the Duxbury Newcomer’s Club annual house tour. We “technically” weren’t allowed to take photos, but of course, I couldn’t help but snap a few exterior shots. This view of the house above is the rear which faces Duxbury Bay.  As you step out the back onto the flagstone porch, the famous Powder Point Bridge is visible to the left. For those not familiar with Duxbury, we have a long narrow barrier beach accessible via this 1/4 mile long, wooden bridge. This is is the main beach for the town. Duxbury Bay is protected from the harsh Atlantic waves by this spit of land and the bay is generally very calm, allowing for homes to be built very close to the water. Unfortunately, these amazing views of the water are completely closed off to most residents, except those lucky enough to own waterfront property. This house on the tour is one such place and the views are very, very spectacular.

In the image below, just above the beach roses, you can see the water of the Bay, and in the distance, the ocean, separated by the barrier beach.


I just loved this little deck overlooking the rocks and water. The 1950’s vibe speaks to the age of the original house, which was, until recently, a modest 1950’s ranch home. I’d be out there everyday, huddled under the chair awning, taking in the views.

Another view to the left of the long wooden Powder Point bridge.

This house, as mentioned above, was built in the 1950’s and was a modest one-story ranch house that was painted pink and included white shutters with little cut out hearts. But it’s really all about the views!


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