Nantucket Dream Home

Nantucket dream home black sideboard with ships painting

This beautiful Nantucket dream home was in a feature photo spread from a 2010 New England Home magazine.

The whole house project is just a beautiful example of fresh New England design style and you can certainly feel the ocean winds wafting through. Design credit goes to the homeowners themselves; Architects Lyman Perry and Scott Hutton; Builder: Ron Winters, 30 Acre Wood; Landscape Design: Elizabeth O’Rourke, Jardin International.

Nantucket dream home shingle style entrance
Nantucket dream home living room fireplace whale

Love, love the simple floaty window treatments.

Nantucket dream home built in bench seat

I sometimes get a little sick of the ubiquitous brown wood or ebonized black Windsor chairs we see in so many New England interiors. But these fresh and breezy blue English style Windsor chairs are perfection for this Nantucket dream home.

Nantucket dream home black Windsor chairs

Okay, okay, black Windsor chairs, but these “Birdcage” style chairs are unique.

Nantucket dream home dining table Windsor chairs
Nantucket dream home kitchen with green cabinets

I am a sucker for green cabinetry!

Nantucket dream home sitting area

Note the black hardware on the shutters, what a great detail when the shutters are open.

Nantucket dream home bathroom
Nantucket dream home built-in desk

Who doesn’t love a cozy little nook?

Nantucket dream home

Fantastic black slate floor, black cabinet and the rustic basket. Sigh…

Nantucket dream home deck

Breath deeply.

(Photos by: Michael Partenio and Text by: Stacy Kunstel/ Read the story here).

Project Team
Architects: Lyman Perry and Scott Hutton
Builder: Ron Winters, 30 Acre Wood
Landscape Design: Elizabeth O’Rourke, Jardin International