Million Dollar Decorator returns: Letting the f-bomb’s fly

Sadly, the gentlest design soul in the land, Nathan Turner, is not returning to Season 2 of Million Dollar Decorators. We do have Kathryn Ireland, Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Alan Marks (with his trusted-to-be-shirtless sidekick Ross Cassidy) and Martyn Lawrence Bullard – talented designers all. But Nathan brought out the soul of season 1 and if their preview is any indication, S2 is likely to be drama drama all the time. Typical Bravo reality b.s. I liked S1 a lot – while there were big egos and drama, there was some real decorating, insight into dealing with clients, and how genuinely friendly the LA design scene can seem. This clip looks like they’ve thrown that concept “under the bus” (to employ an overused reality show saying) and possibly each other. We’ll see. Last year we interviewed Kathryn here and Martyn here on The Skirted Roundtable, and I interviewed Nathan here on my blog. We’re still hoping to snag Mary McDonald! (Apologies for the ad on the following video. Please feel free to check your email for the next 15 seconds!)

In other returning tv news, did you catch the return of The West Wing? Okay, it’s not a return, per se, but nearly the entire cast got together and made a video in support of a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court and her fight to get voters to realize that beyond the Dem and Rep sides of the ballots, thirteen states have a section for non-partisan elections, such as the Michigan Supreme Court election.  Not many local election candidates can muster the power of the presidency (albeit a fantasy one) to help get out the word, but this one has a sister in very high places. If you were a West Wing fan and still mourn the loss of great scripted television, here’s a morsel of what we’re missing:

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