Meet the Artist: Jill Flynne

I was at a friend’s house the other day and she’d just bought a lovely shower curtain from local watercolor artist Jill Flynne and I thought I should share her work. I met Jill several year’s ago when we were both members of the South Shore Women’s Business Network. Her work enjoys great local popularity for its soft renderings of our local New England beauty such as beautiful beaches, flowers, shells and more.  Jill is very enterprising and her work can be found on many items from shower curtains to book covers, decorative home decor items such as mugs and platters, and of course giclee prints or original paintings.

Shower Curtain available here

Original watercolor available on Etsy
Original watercolor from Jill’s Website

Tile Tray and mugs available at Etsy
Rose shower curtain available here

Jill is also an ardent animal lover and is the founder of New England Arts for Animals.

As Jill says on her website: “With thousands of injured soldiers, so many children living with
illnesses like autism, and the eventuality of us all having to deal with
the physical and psychological challenges of old age, the need for
therapy animals has never been greater. The companionship, protection,
and guidance they provide for their owners empower them with more
confidence and independence than they would have on their own.

Dogs, cats, horses, and other assistance animals must meet stringent
requirements before they can be certified for therapy and companion
work. The necessary training makes them very costly, and many needy
families cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for an animal.
Programs that train and place both domestic animals and wildlife for
therapy are desperate for funding. Some shelter animals are candidates
for assistance work, which can give purpose to the life of an animal
that might otherwise not find a home. It is a win-win situation – if
there is sufficient funding to create these winners.
Helping people and animals in your community gives you the chance to
see your donation at work. The benefits to the people who fund us are
nearly as great as those brought by the animals they support.”  The 2013 is available for purchase here. A great gift for the animal lover in your life!

Visit Jill’s website here.

xoxo Linda