Book Shelf: Candice Olson’s “Bedrooms”

I’ve been very remiss in posting about several new books I was sent to review – and they’ve been piling up and making me feel guilty for months! So, while it seems that every other blogger and designer in the known universe is at High Point this week and covering all the great new products, I’ll be featuring some of the fantastic new crop of recent book releases!

Candice Olsen’s book Bedrooms (published in paperback from Wiley) is a compendium of many of her signature projects from her television series. The books shows before and after shots, the challenge and design solutions, room sketches and design boards. It is broken up into Master Bedrooms, Children’s rooms and Personal spaces and showcases large and small spaces and the design challenges inherent in each. There are many great detail shots and fans of her show will like being able to stop and take in the fine details.

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