Book Shelf: Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s “The Life of the House”

The Life of the House by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill (published 2012 by Rizzoli) is sub-titled “How Rooms Evolve” and showcases gorgeous historic homes in both the UK and US. As a descendent of both the Churchill’s and the Vanderbilt’s, Lady Henrietta has been in a unique position to have experienced some of the most famous homes on both sides of the Atlantic, including Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England and Marble House in Newport, RI. There is truly nothing like daily exposure to the best architecture, design and art to educate one’s view. The book features these houses, plus a couple of her professional design projects through her company Woodstock Designs. 

The book is divided into chapter’s by space – Architecture, Halls, Living Rooms, etc.  and showcases several centuries of English and American design and how their inhabitants lived. Frank Lloyd Wright projects are included alongside the classical English estates as well as a few loft project in New York. There is even a section on how electricity changed interiors.

An excellent book for Anglophiles and architectural interiors fans alike.

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