Real Estate Dreaming: Back Bay Beauty

One of the best parts of being an interior designer is being part of the process of turning basic (and sometimes not so basic) real estate into a home. Four walls, a floor and a ceiling can be literally transformed from bricks and mortar to so much more.

Whether I’m working on an actual project, or I’m perusing the real estate listings, I can’t help but think how I would put my stamp on a property.


177 Commonwealth Avenue  , Boston, was built in 1882 for John Quincy Adams, great grandson and grandson to the 2nd &  6th US president. He turned to architects Snell and Gregerson (who built some of the Boston’s most beautiful properties) to build this awe-inspiring Guilded Age residence that is located within Boston’s tony Back Bay neighborhood. It’s currently on the market for $1.35M and is listed with Julie Harrison at Gibson Sotheby’s.

This building has been broken up into nine condominiums and as is typical of these properties, there is often an unusual assortment of rooms in a given apartment which of course is what makes these spaces unique and beautiful. This unit is on the second floor in the front of the building and includes the original dining and living rooms. It’s only one bedroom and has a tiny kitchen (in desperate need of remodeling!) but the possibilities for entertaining are huge.

The deep toned walls and plastered ceilings, along with the gorgeous floors would have to stay – of course. But oh, what fun I would have decorating this gorgeous apartment. While this is an amazing historic property and certainly “veddy veddy” upper crust – it can certainly appeal to a modern taste in that wonderful way the Europeans and Brits have of updating their old properties.



 What do you think? A pretty great place to dream about, no?
See the property listing here.

xoxo Linda