Possibly the countries oldest woodwoorking shop discovered in my hometown!

A very exciting discovery was just made in my hometown of Duxbury, MA! What is thought to be the oldest still in-tact woodworking shop in the country was just discovered on the grounds of a pre-school in town. They were actually using it as a storage shed and had no idea what they were overlooking. You can read the full story here. The town was a very prosperous place in the 18th and early 19th centuries due to its shipbuilding industry. Many beautiful homes were built during those years and its assumed that some of those interior finishes were likely built right in this shop!

There are a lot of similarities in the image above to a project I did in a Duxbury house about a mile from this location. It’s located in the are known as Tinkertown and this homeowner believed this original structure, which was eventually added onto, was the cobbler’s shop. The original windows slid side to side – perhaps to allow for walk-up business? This room dates to the 17th century and I can tell you – the original beams and woodwork are hard as nails!

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xoxo Linda