Holiday House Touring: Newburyport, MA Pt. 3

Well, it’s been a crazy busy week, couple of weeks really, and I got side tracked from finishing up my Newburport Holiday House Tour. So, here are the final two properties I wanted to share. This property was a newly renovated Federalist style rowhouse building in Brown Square. Love the curved exterior

These are three-story condo units and very traditional and formal. The holiday decorations here were accordingly formal and very pretty. Loved the centerpiece on the table below.

The house was so crowded it was hard to get decent photos. This was a little corner of the kitchen with the charming little antique drop-leaf table.

Houses in downtown Newburyport are very cheek by jowl as you can see through the kitchen window.

And here is the house next door. Don’t you love the colorful brick?

The next house (yes, another gray house!) had my very favorite space of all the houses on the tour.

The main part of the house was nice enough, but the real star is the new addition kitchen. From the original house, you walk into this fresh and open space.

Love the Holly Hunt pendant lights!

These pics don’t really do the space justice – the view out the window to the rustic old barn looked like a stage set backdrop it was so perfect.

(I do think they could have removed some of the items from the counter by the stove.)

The Christmas decoration were generally all natural plant based and very sparse, but the room itself was so fantastic it didn’t really matter.

Note the art piece on the wall – which features beach glass, shells and stones. Gorgeous – it almost looks like a specimen display.

Anyone know the make of this chandelier? I’ve been trying to find out. The metal almost looks like something that’s been submerged in the sea for a long time and is all rust and barnacles.

A fantastic plate rack.

And here is the butler’s pantry. I see in the photo that there were business cards which probably were for the builder or designer – wishing I’d picked it up!

And finally the backyard and barn. Lovely. Of course, it’s December in New England so everything was dead and trimmed back, but this must be beautiful in the summer.

This is the most open space I’ve ever seen in a private yard in Newburyport.

The entire front yard (which is maybe 10-12’deep from the street) was given over to a garden. I will have to remember to stop back next summer to see what the front yard looks like in full-bloom.

And that’s it! There were other properties, but these were my favorites. I hope you enjoyed the tour. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Have a great weekend!

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xoxo Linda