BlogTourNola Sponsor: DuVerre Hardware


DuVerre Hardware is a leader in quality and original design for cabinet hardware. Working with highly respected designers, they have created a uniquely design-driven collection of knobs and pulls. DuVerre creates beautiful die cast hardware that is made entirely from recycled aluminum – an environmentally friendly choice that is compatible with LEED objectives. All their pieces are finished by hand which results in a naturally fluctuating patina that only enhances the beauty of their products. Here are some of my favorites:

JEFF GOODMAN by Jeff Goodman

RIO by Gina Lubin

RISE by Christopher Smith

STACKED by Clodagh
OFFSET by Erin Adams
FORGED 2 by Heinz Pfleger

LOTUS by William Harvey

DuVerre Hardware products are readily available across the country in stores and I have to say, I’ve rarely seen more beautiful and original designs in cabinet hardware. The natural quality of these miniature sculptures lends itself to many decorating styles from traditional to modern. I think my personal favorite is the LOTUS Collection by Wiliam Harvey which is one of their first designs. These pieces are the embodiment of elegant simplicity.


It’s obvious by looking at DuVerre Hardware’s designs that their designers are greatly influenced by organic shapes and sculptural elements. In this sprit, they have asked all the BlogTourNola participants to pull together a Pinterest board of our favorite sculptural elements from New Orleans. Who knows, one of us may inspire a future hardware style! Please visit my board here and take a minute to click like or repin your favorites to your own boards. With your help, I might win an iPad Mini!

Thank you to DuVerre Hardware for your sponsorship of BlogTourNola – your support is greatly appreciated!



xoxo Linda