BlogTourNola: Bevolo Gas & Electric

Among all the treats of New Orleans, one of the standouts was a visit to the Bevolo Gas & Electric company. One of the first things I noticed in New Orleans was the prevalence of gas lanterns in both commercial and residential settings. It’s funny, Boston is an old city filled with original brick buildings, older even than New Orleans, and traditional gas lanterns would certainly look great here, but I can’t recall seeing any.
The gas lanterns are so elegant and romantic. Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter, Bevolo’s store, showroom and factory space is gorgeous, rustic and inviting. It’s a great, crusty unfinished space that wonderfully sets off their lighting fixtures.
Enjoying a breakfast coffee was our fearless leader Veronika Miller of Modenus and interior designer Barbara Elza Hirsch. Note the architecture of the doors in the background – gorgeous.
Out the back door is a charming back alley where you will feel transported into another world.
Part of the job description for the craftsman must include showman skills. Or, at least, the ability to tune out the bloggerazzi. All Bevolo’s lighting is made by hand on site. They warrantee their glasses for life, for any reason, regardless of how many times the lanterns have changed hands, regardless of how it got broken, Bevolo will replace the glass for free. They care that much about the integrity of their products. In fact, they don’t even sell their products through distributors. Buyers and designers must deal directly with the factory. They say this is because they can’t manage the sales and service aspects of the business remotely to the level they wish.
The courtyard space between the showroom and factory. Love the patina. As a Catholic, I have to share that I love all the religious iconography throughout the city. It’s both beautiful and evocative of the history of the city and it’s deep roots in France and religious mysticism.
On the subject of the environment, according to the Bevolo folks, the gas lanterns, which do run 24/7, use less energy than many electric light fixtures
Something a little different. Cute!
Bevolo is a multi-generational family owned business founded in 1945 by Andrew Bevolo, Sr. The Italian chandelier above hangs in homage to their Italian roots.

A huge thanks to Bevolo Gas & Electric for the fantastic tour and breakfast beignets and coffee!
Now, all I have to find is a Boston client willing to go gas!
All photos by Linda Merrill.


xoxo Linda