BlogTourNola Sponsor Spotlight: A Steamy Situation with Mr. Steam

First, a little entertainment:

So, it was pretty hot and steamy for part of our New Orleans adventure and I’ll admit, the thought of a hot steam wasn’t too overly appealing. Until I got home to New England and was reminded why the joys of a steamy experience would be well warranted for most of the year here!

First, a big thank you to Mr. Steam – and the effervescent  Martha Orellana (aka Mrs. Steam)  and Dan Reinert for hosting our amazing dinner at Chef Susan Spicer’s Bayona Restaurant. The food, and the company, were amazing.
Mr. Steam, aka The Feel Good Company, is a premier source of upscale, and high quality steam products including
towel warmers, shower speakers, shower seats, aromasteam and
chromasteam™ systems. Their advanced technology, engineering, and design
provides equipment that enhances lifestyles worldwide. The company has
refined — and redefined — value and reliability, assuring the highest
level of quality. In addition to providing private luxury enhancements
for residential use, from smaller homes to estates, their products service
a large roster of hotels, resorts, health clubs, spas, and professional
team headquarters.

Plus, they enjoy a good time.

Mr.Steam© residential steambaths transform your shower into a personal home spa retreat.

Adding Mr.Steam Aromasteam™ oils,  Chromasteam® lights and MusicTherapy sounds to your steam shower will enhance your steam bathing experience. Steam may help relieve tired muscles as warmth penetrates the body.
Warm moisture opens the pores of your skin, leaving it softer and more
supple. Perspiration during steambathing may remove impurities from your
body. Improved breathing and a sense of cleanliness contribute to a
feeling of wellness and fitness.

iSteam© is a new home steam shower experience that marks a new era in bathroom remodeling options. As easy to use as a smart phone, the beautiful grapics of the iSteam touch panel are unprecedented in steam controls. “We set out of create the best possibler user experience, integrating all the benefits of steam bathring and accessories into one highly intuitive control” says Mike Pinkus, Mr. Steam president and the lead industrial designer behind iSteam. “With swipe-touch simplicity, iSteam creates a near-magical transformation of your shower” 
MrSteam: iSteam Control from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

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xoxo Linda