I'm a thief!

My latest issue of ::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living is focused on vacation style living. One of features is “A Cheap and Cheerful Vacation in a Bag”. It’s a cute idea, but I must come clean – it’s not my own!! My Skirted Roundtable partner Joni Webb shared this concept on here blog in 2010 and it stuck with me. Joni showed us photos of the rental condo she and her family stay in during their annual month long beach vacation. The dated, well used, condo gets the Joni treatment with slip covers and flowers. Is a great idea, and so I pilfered it. So, thanks Joni!

Speaking of The Skirted Roundtable, as God is my witness, our recently recorded chat with the one and only India Hicks will be edited today!! And then I am off to a quick trip down to Provincetown for the evening to meet up with my Brizo Blogger 19 and BlogTourNola buddy Gloria Graham Solicito of Kitchens Four Living who is in town from Florida for an encaustic art conference. We’ll be strolling Commercial Street and visiting the local art galleries. It looks like my quest to get inside John Derian’s shop will be thwarted yet again! His seasonal shop is located in the back of his gorgeous Commerical Street Federal era home, and it’s never open when I’m there! This year, it’s opening on Saturday – missing it by one day!!!

Have a great weekend!!


xoxo Linda