Linda's Dream Home: the Three-Season Porch

So, after a bit of a hiatus I’m back to working on my (virtual) dream house. I have spent some time working on the library, trying to figure out how to best lay out the shelving, but I took a break from that to focus on the three season sun porch, which is situated to the left of the front of the house, next to the driveway and the back patio area.
I found this picture on Pinterest (source unknown) and I realized it was exactly the layout and style of the porch that I had already started to design. I love the pale slate floors and rustic stone fireplace.

So, here is the staring point. I experimented with a color palette that is not very me but thought it would be fun to try something new. Only a small part of the porch is visible from the rest of the house, so I don’t really have to worry about clashing. Since this fictitious house is located in Newburyport, MA, a center of 18th and 19th century shipping, I though a China Trade theme might be interesting.

Chinese red and pale blue, punctuated with blue and white pottery provides a cheery palette.
I would use sheer indoor/outdoor curtains for privacy and light control. The steel windows would have screens in the summer. Specific windows TBD.

The floors would have radiant heating and the fireplace would heat up the room nicely on cold New England days.

I like the idea of some kind of antique chest that would be fitted with a drinks refrigerator lie this one from sub zero. Continuing with the semi-nautical theme, I’m using the brass portholes that have been made into mirrors over the bar cabinet.

So, the beverages are taken care of. And the layout. But now that I see it all together, it’s just not me. I think it’s pretty and right for someone else though.

I don’t feel the buzz. Do you know what the buzz is?

For me, this is pretty buzz-worthy:

If you’d like my help creating your buzz-worthy space, please be in touch!


xoxo Linda