Linda’s Dream House: Now, I’m Feeling the Buzz

So, the other day I decorated the porch in my “virtual” dream house. I thought I’d try something a little bit different for me. And I think it came out pretty nice – except that it just wasn’t me. I didn’t feel the buzz. Do you know what the buzz is? For me, it’s that feeling I get when I look at a space that just speaks to me on a really sub-conscious level. It’s the colors, the textures, the overall feel. It’s a kind of low-level vibration.  So, while this Chinese red and blue/white pottery design was ok, it’s just not my room. So I packed it off (virtually of course), and started over.

First, I had looked at my Pinterest board for my Dream House and created a mood board to remind me of what I find buzzy:

And I came up with this:

Below is the view into the porch from the family room (French door is hidden).

So much more “me”. bzzzz…

Okay, now that the sunroom is taken care of – I STILL have the entire 2nd floor to “build”!

Stay tuned!

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xoxo Linda

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