“This Is Boston” a 4-minute trip around America’s City!

As we (in America) all head off to celebrate the 4th of July, it’s perfect timing to share filmmaker Sean Collins‘ ode to the shining “city on the hill” that is Boston.

“This video was created as a tribute to the beautiful city of Boston.
Bostonians are proud of their city and I wanted to make a video they
could be proud of, and which attempts to capture the greatness that is
Boston. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Boston and be inspired by
it countless times, and I tried to channel that inspiration into this
video. I hope Bostonians enjoy seeing their city through my eyes.”

This is Boston from Bodhi Films on Vimeo.

(Note: the video is a little slow to load and buffer, but worth the wait!)

We’ve been through a lot since the 17th century – from revolution to terrorist attack and our city shines all the more brightly for it. We’re not perfect, but we’re pretty darn great nonetheless. We recently were named to some snobbiest city list. More like standoffish. But we’re not really THAT standoffish. Witness the fact that in two months nearly 61 MILLION dollars was raised in private and corporate donations for the victims of the Marathon terrorist attack – and it was all distributed by this week. Fund administrator Ken Feinberg said this week that he’d never seen such generosity on this scale.

Yay, New England!

And Happy 4th everyone!

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xoxo Linda