The Peabody Hotel in Memphis – it’s all about the ducks!

Okay, boy the last two weeks have just completely flown by! Between a last-minute photoshoot for a magazine (more to come on that!), tidying up client projects, packing for Memphis and then the whirlwind trip, it’s been quite an adventure! A huge thanks to Brizo Faucet for bringing nearly 80 designer/bloggers together for a reunion of the elite Blogger19. Brizo picked up the tab to fly us all in from across the US and Canada, put us up at the elegant Peabody Hotel Memphis feed us really well and showered us with sparkly things both big and small, and give us a reason to think, cry and be inspired. That’s a whole lotta goodness in three days!

The Peabody Hotel is known for its famous Peabody Ducks, who reside in the lobby fountain and have a ceremonial march in at 11:00am and march out at 5:00pm every day. You can read more of the history here – it’s quite the event! The ducks not only paddle daily in the fountain, they appear all over the hotel – on the linens and bathmats, the usual gift shop items and in the form of butter and soap – which both look identical, so watch out for that! So, above was the duck soap in my hotel bathroom along with the usual complement of toiletries…

Peabody Hotel Memphis

And here he is in my own bathroom. Cute!


I was afraid I’d miss the march of the ducks, but got lucky on Wednesday. Here they are from my mezzanine balcony vantage point. The gentleman in red is the Duckmaster – only the 4th since the 1930s.

Peabody Hotel Memphis

As you can see – this draws quite a crowd.

Peabody Hotel Memphis

The comfortable lobby is filled with patrons waiting for the twice daily show.

Peabody Hotel Memphis

And so is the mezzanine. The ducks walk the red carpet to an awaiting elevator and are taken up to their rooftop “Duck Palace” for the evening.

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