Solitary Soul by Sandra Goroff

I wanted to share a new book (coming soon!) by fellow Massachusetts gal Sandra Goroff called Solitary Soul

A long time book publicist, Sandy has been exploring her artistic side for a while and has pulled together a collection of photographs that both capture our New England region, but also the personal moments of the people who live here.  As a publicist, Sandy has worked on many art and antiques projects including including the Kovels, Skinner Inc., Brimfield, art and collectibles expert Judith Miller, Provincetown artist Ann Packard, the MFA, MOMA and the Smithsonian.

Publisher’s Weekly wrote of the book: “The photos—of a lone boat, a line of laundry, a little girl with her
stuffed bunny—exhibit what Anthony Mason of CBS News describes as
Goroff’s “keen eye for the subtle, but telling, details of life.”
Comments novelist Caroline Leavitt, “Goroff’s brilliantly original
photos get at the heart of what it means to be human.”” Read more of PW’s article here.

Congrats Sandy! You can visit her book site here.

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xoxo Linda