Book Review: HEIRLOOM MODERN by Hollister Hovey, photos by Porter Hovey

I’m very lucky to be on the press list for some of our favorite publishers of shelter books, but sometimes I get a little backlogged in my reading and reviewing. So, welcome to Book Week on ::Surroundings::!

photo via Hollister Hovey
Heirloom Modern: Homes filled with objects bought, bequeathed, beloved, and worth handing down written by Hollister Hovey, photography by Porter Hovey, Rizzoli, New York, 2013
Long-time blog-celebs/sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey published their first book earlier this year. The Hovey sisters are well-known for their quirky “antiquarian” style (including a feature The New Antiquarians in The New York Times). While much of their postings are a little dark and foreboding for my tastes (just cannot with the taxidermy!), HEIRLOOM MODERN hits the right tone of mixing the old with the new, honoring and savoring the past while living in the present.
Photo by Porter Hovey, via Rizzoli

xoxo Linda