Howard Slatkin’s “Fifth Avenue Style” Where more is more and design lessons abound

One of my favorite books of late 2013 is “Fifth Avenue Style” by interior designer, and fabulous Instagram user, Howard Slatkin, published by The Vendome Press. The book, shot by Tria Giovan, focuses on Howard’s own New York apartment and is a feast for the eyes.

First, let me say that this book was the most beautifully packaged book I’ve ever received. It highlighted Howard’s devotion to style and detail. It came wrapped like a gift and was just such a treat to open up and dive into.

Tthis isn’t just another coffee table book bursting with pretty pictures – though of course its chock full of those too!It’s a lesson in practical design solutions for creating unique, personal rooms that are also comfortable and functional. The importance of function comes up right in Howard’s introduction with his appeal for the importance of the “service rooms”. ”

I’ve always felt that getting all the “back areas” right was essential to living well. Today, however, too many people – including architects – seem more inclined to dedicate as much square footage as possible to the living room or entry or staircase, while skimping on pantries, closets and service areas. The result, in my opinion, is disorganization and the tail wagging the dog: large public rooms, but not a beautifully run or organized household.

                                                                    ~ Howard Slatkin

Each area of the house is profiled through the book including before photos, floor plans, elevations, and inspiration boards. Though the apartment is filled with amazing antiques and collections, the close up photography shows framed and unframed family photos throughout.

From Howard’s Pinterest Page:


Detail of screening room vestibule
Winnie Slatkin – all together now – awww!!

xoxo Linda

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