A family wedding

This is a big week for my family! My lovely niece Libby is getting married on Saturday!!

I took Libby and her sister Katie out to tea at the Taj Hotel a couple of weeks ago to celebrate. That’s Libby on the left. When I first met her fiancé two years (or was it three?) ago, I said to my Mom that we’d just met her future grandson-in-law. Unfortunately, my Mom didn’t make it to the wedding (which is very sad indeed as she so wanted to be there!) but we’re not going to let that dampen our spirits. It’s a big exciting day for all the families.

The wedding is at their church in Warwich RI, and the reception is at the Botanical Center at the Roger Williams Park in Providence. I thought I’d share some photos of the venue.

I actually don’t know how the space will be decorated for the wedding, but am excited to see it. Hopefully the day will be nice – you never know in Springtime in New England!

One thing Libby has done that is so sweet is that she’s put together a framed series of the wedding portraits from all four grandparents and both sets of parents  which will be hung up at the reception – a real homage to both sides of the newly formed family. Libby is also wearing my Mom’s lace mantilla cathedral length veil which she bought it Venice 60 years ago.

I rarely (and by rarely, I mean never) do fashion here on my blog, but I wanted to share my dress which I’m very excited about! It was from Nordstrom and I bought online – luckily it worked. A big thanks to Lisa Marie’s Boutique in Marshfield for doing the hems because of course, it needed about 6″ taken off the bottom!  I still need to figure out some kind of wrap or jacket – it’s only going to be in the 50’s or 60’s on Saturday.

Wishing Libby and Ryan all the happiness in the world – it’s your wedding week!

xoxo Linda